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Dingboche To Pangboche

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Start: Dingboche, 4300 m, 8:15
Arrival: Pangboche, 3900 m, 17:20
Duration: 9:05
Breaks: 15 minutes on the way to Pangboche, 1:15 lunch in Pangboche, 2:15 monastery visit in Tengboche
Estimated climb: 600 m
Estimated descent: 1000 m
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In order to avoid backtracking on the trail running on the north side of the valley to Pangboche, we decided to try the less used route on the south side. We left at 8:15 and first had to head east up the valley to Chukhung a bit to reach the bridge to the other side.
From the bridge the path climbs to the yersa of Duwo with Lhotse in the background.
In Duwo we had trouble following the path. We found a very narrow track that continued west and slightly up which matched our map quite well but it later on continued to split up. It eventually disappeared a little bit before the Tsuro Glacier and we had to scramble down to the river through trackless terrain which was a bit exhausting.
After passing the yearsa of Ralha, we entered a forest and got another nice look at Lhotse.
The path then descended down to the river and we crossed it just before Pangboche where we arrived at 12:20. Our guide had told us the night before that there was a boycott of the Tengboche lodges (where we had initially planned to stay) since they were charging porters and guides too much. We decided to take a room in Pangboche and visit Tengboche in the afternoon for their 'tourist ceremony' at 15:00.
After lunch we packed light and headed off to Tengboche which we reached in about 1:10, just in time for the ceremony. The monastery was still pretty new since it had to be rebuilt after an electrical fire in 1989.
The monks hold a daily ceremony for tourists where (in our case) 3 monks sit down to sing prayers and drink tea for about 30 minutes while the tourist watch from the sides of the altar room. After the ceremony, a monk gives a speech about the monastery and a bit of the monks views and philosophy. Unfortunately his english was very hard to understand.
After the ceremony we went back outside and took a few pictures.
By now clouds had moved in and we headed back to Pangboche at 16:00, arriving at 17:20.

Back at our lodge, Bhim called the Hotel Everest in Namche Bazaar to reserve a room for us for the following night, but they were already fully booked. It was getting crowded... Instead he booked one at Hotel Norling.
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